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Featured Product: TopHats™

Our unique TopHat™ design incorporates self-adjusting wire fingers that securely center and grip the container.
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In my experience the number one call back or complaint with brick paving, has been the separation of the soldier course (outer edge) of the paved surface. My feeling is this is due to inferior edge restraints.  Plastic brick edging typically uses 10" or 12" spikes/nails to hold it in. Which aren't sufficient enough to keep the edging in place. I can't tell you how many jobs I've seen where the brick edging is raised out of the ground above the level of the paved surface. For years I've been searching for a better brick edging. Well...I've found it! The people at Better Bilt Products have manufactured a galvanized wire brick edging that stays tight to the edge of the brick as you pound in the stakes. As a matter of fact, the stakes seem to draw the edging toward the side of the brick as you pound them in. The product is easy to work with, and my employees like it better than traditional plastic edging. And, get ready for's a better value than plastic edging!! If you are looking for a better, easier to use, more cost effective brick edging, Give Better Bilt a try.

Michael Wirth, Owner, Z-Best Landscaping, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Better people. Better quality. Better Bilt.