Customer Testimonials

I am very pleased with the Vine Spine Trellis System…went up easy wherever I needed them.
My garden might look neater if I had put them up before the plants got big...but for the gardener who doesn't  plan ahead (me) they are much easier to install and corral the bushy tomatoes than the standard tomato cage.
Also, I had squash vines crawling all over the garden...I just stuck the trellis panels into the dirt, then picked up the vines and wove them thru the wire grid. Done!
I love that the wire grid is plenty big for my hand to reach thru and pick tomatoes, squash and peppers and pull weeds. 
Easy to install no matter what stage your garden is in.
A single panel is strong enough to support a climbing flower.  2 panels hooked together are plenty sturdy to support plants heavy with fruit.

I think it is a great product!

Susan F, home gardener

As you can see, we miscounted by one!customer testimonial


Linda from Salzsieder Landscape Nursery

So glad to find these TopHat® Stabilizers! I grow Plumerias and they get quite tall and blow over easily. I'm forever having to pick them up. I saw these at a local nursery and asked to buy some, but they wouldn't sell me any...These TopHats® are a stroke of genius!!

Cheryl Gilmore, Opelousas, LA

No More Tip-over!  

These are the best thing since sliced bread. I have many of these in many sizes, and they work great to keep plants from blowing over. We have very strong winds, and once installed, have not have any of our containers tip over. We installed them before adding the rock cover for our backyard, and therefore only the vertical metal is exposed.  We painted them with a flat black color and look great.

Jeff L

TopHat®...Best thing ever!

Jimmy James, Color Crop Nursery, Fort Worth TX

We are very pleased with the value, service and labor savings that your TopHat® Stabilizers provide us here at Shemin Nurseries. Before we used TopHats®, keeping plants/trees upright was a constant headache labor, damage and dollar wise on windy or stormy days/nights.

Brody Pepper, General Manager, Shemin Nurseries, Addison, IL

TopHat® have proven a valuable asset in the ongoing war with the wind. For our trees, shrubs, and tropical, the problem of blow over has been greatly curtailed.

Jeff Gatewood, Allisonville Nursery, Fisher, IN

Thank you for supplying us with the TopHat® for our container trees! Using them has improved safety for both customers and employees. They have also improved the health of our trees by eliminating broken branches and keeping fertilizer in the pots, two big concerns when trees blow over. Using less fertilizer saves money as well. Futhermore, we can make sure our trees are getting the proper irrigation when our automated systems run by using TopHat® to keep them upright!

Chris DuPerow, Nursery Manager, Petitti Garden Center, Avon, OH

Since we started using TopHat® Container Stabilizers, we have saved labor due to wind tip over problems. It was a big project to pick up the plants. No more broken branches on high value trees and shrubs.

Calvin Bordine, President, Bordine's, Grand Blanc, MI

This wire brick edging is very easy to install and lends itself to straight and curved applications. I researched a series of other types of edging and I am glad that I chose this product. The final test will be to see how this systems holds during the freezing and thawing of winter.

Clay from New Jersey

I'm battling woodchucks in my garden. These earth staples were great to extend my fencing below ground.

Linda B. from Cape Cod

Fence Guard Anchors are used to keep fence tight at the bottom so dogs won't escape. They can be hammered down deep into the ground without bending cause they are made strong. They did the job of keeping the dogs from digging out and escaping.

Rio53 from Mercedes, Texas

In my experience the number one call back or complaint with brick paving, has been the separation of the soldier course (outer edge) of the paved surface. My feeling is this is due to inferior edge restraints.  Plastic brick edging typically uses 10" or 12" spikes/nails to hold it in. Which aren't sufficient enough to keep the edging in place. I can't tell you how many jobs I've seen where the brick edging is raised out of the ground above the level of the paved surface. For years I've been searching for a better brick edging. Well...I've found it! The people at Better Bilt Products have manufactured a galvanized wire brick edging that stays tight to the edge of the brick as you pound in the stakes. As a matter of fact, the stakes seem to draw the edging toward the side of the brick as you pound them in. The product is easy to work with, and my employees like it better than traditional plastic edging. And, get ready for's a better value than plastic edging!! If you are looking for a better, easier to use, more cost effective brick edging, Give Better Bilt a try.

Michael Wirth, Owner, Z-Best Landscaping, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Last fall we mentioned that one of our three focuses this year is creating a vertical garden. Better Bilt Products in Addison, Illinois must have been listening and sent us a huge surprise in the form of their latest super sturdy interlocking trellis systems. After seeing how easy it was to put together in our raised beds we realized this type of trellis system would also be the perfect solution for an apartment balcony or patio container garden. To say we were surprised and impressed with their products is an understatement. Thank you Dominic Simoncelli and Better Bilt Products, we will gratefully put these handy garden systems to the test here in Wisconsin.

Lynn Voigt, Wisconsin Garden, Brookfield, WI

(Better Bilt Products) brand new 3-bin compost system built with a very sturdy 6 gauge galvanized wire with a black power coat finish. To say we were surprised and impressed with their products is an understatement. Thank you Dominic Simoncelli and Better Bilt Products, we will gratefully put these handy garden systems to the test here in Wisconsin.

Lynn Voigt, Wisconsin Garden, Brookfield, WI

It's wonderful!  We use and abuse everything, and this cart is better than any other cart we ever owned.  I want to buy another one!

Diane, Delmarr Nursery, Zion Grove, PA

"I think we should be your Hurricanne Florence TopHat spokesperson - We had maybe 4 plants that were in TopHats out of literally thousands (bought over 2300 TopHats) tip over during the aftermath of Florence!  We're sold on TopHats! 

David Lichtenfelt, Lichtenfelt Nursuries, Greenville SC

"I would be standing trees up on a regular basis if we weren't using TopHats.  We are able to do a staggered off-set on the larger crowns without sacrificing line space.  We wouldn't be able to do that if we were relying on a post and wire system."

Gwen Sauer, City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI