Earth Anchors & Tree Anchoring Systems

Cutting Edge Auger Anchor

It's the easiest anchor to install!

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The Better Bilt Products auger anchor is a heavy-duty tree anchor that is strong, easy to install, and reliable. They are multi-functional and can be used to secure trees, shelters, stages, and more. Their turn screw design and chiseled edge makes them easy to install. 


What are the benefits of the cutting edge auger anchor? 

  • Holding capacity: 2800 lbs
  • 4" helix by 10" flighting cuts through the soil 4" for every 360° rotation
  • Chiseled lead edge for easier installation
  • Maximizes holding capacity
  • Welded closed eye
  • Easy to remove & reuse

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Root Ball Kits

Keeps trees straight/upright in all types of soils, climates and tree varieties

  • Safest method for tree stabilization
  • Entirely underground - no straps above the surface!
  • Easy installation
  • Strong and versatile

Root Ball Kits come in three sizes:

  • Trees up to 2" diameter - 3A-EK400 Root Ball Kit 
    • Specs: #400 anchors (3)  with 20” x 1/16” cable, weight 1 lb
  • Trees up to 3" diameter - 3A-EK680 Root Ball Kit
    • Specs: #680 anchors (3) with 30” x 1/8” cable, weight 2 lbs
  • Trees up to 6" diameter - 3A- EK880 Root Ball Kit
    • Specs: #880 anchors (3) with 42” x 3/16” cable, weight 4 lbs 


BBP earth anchors provide the landscaping and nursery industry a wide variety of tree staking products that saves labor and keeps your trees straight/upright in all types of climates, soils and for all tree varieties. Being used coast-to-coast by satisfied arborists, nursery owners and landscapers.

BBP earth anchors are also used as security tie downs in parks, buildings and constructions sites. In addition, since we are the manufacturer, we can create a custom anchoring system for your project.

BBP Tree Kits allow your crew to work efficiently; simply drop one bag by each tree that needs staking. Earth Anchor Tree Kits and Palm Collar Earth Anchor Tree Kits come complete with hardware, easy for the crews to install onsite.

Call a sales person today to determine which product fits your needs.

Earth Anchors

  • Heavy holding capacity in 3 sizes
  • Simple to install and saves labor
  • Chiseled leading edge
  • Use Tree Guying Strap to adjust/tighten as trees grow
  • Available in bulk or tree kits
  • 2 security anchor sizes offered for anti-theft protection (boats, ATVs, BBQs, picnic tables, temporary structures, etc.)
  • Tension fastener options available – turnbuckle, cable clamp or Gripple
  • Palm Collar Tree Kits saves shallow root palms in all climates and extreme weather conditions – 2 sizes available
  • Customizable

Earth Anchor Drive Rod

  • Installation tool to install your Earth Anchor (3 sizes to match your Earth Anchor size)

Speed Stake® Anchoring System

  • BBP's patented design allows for fast installation tree anchoring
  • Our most economical method
  • Tree size up to 5" diameter
  • Up to 900# holding capacity per stake depending on soil
  • Speed Stake Installation Rod designed specifically to fit the Speed Stake® Anchor
  • Use Tree Guying Strap to secure tree to anchor

Screw-in Earth Anchors

  • 4 different sized screw-in anchors (augers) for varying capacities
  • Multi-size heads/shaft length
  • Solid steel welded construction
  • Chisel leading edge for easier installation
  • Reusable

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