Landscape Anchoring Pins & Spikes

brick edging spikes

Better Bilt Products, Inc. supplies the landscaping and nursery industry with quality products such as earth staples, fence guard staples, tough as nails landscaping spikes, wire brick edging, and tree guying straps. These products can help you secure row covers, pavers, shade covers, fence wire, and more, making them essential for your next landscaping project.

Heavy-duty earth staples and fence guard staples are a great way to make your next project easier. They are designed to hold down landscape and weed barrier fabric, dog fences, chicken wire and more. They are easy to install and remove. 

What landscape anchoring pins and spikes do we offer? 

Earth Staples

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2" wide anchoring pins to secure and anchor landscape fabrics, irrigation tubing, ground covers and more!

  • Strong 8-gauge long-lasting galvanized wire pins
  • Sharpened tips pierce smoothly for fast and easy installation
  • Available in 8", 10" or 12" lengths
  • Pack of 25

Fence Guard Staples

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3" wide fence anchoring pins to fasten cables, chain link, deer or poly fencing to the ground with ease!

  • Long-lasting heavy-duty .250" diameter galvanized wire pins
  • Sharpened tips pierce smoothly for fast and easy installation
  • 1" wide lip for easy installation with your hand, foot or small mallet
  • Available in 2 lengths
    • 12" length (12 pack)
    • 18" length (20 pack)

Tough As Nails

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Uniquely designed steel landscaping spikes!

  • Anchor a variety of items, including containers, landscaping edging and timbers, fencing and more
  • Non-collapsible "V" design for maximum holding
  • Pointed end allows easy installation
  • 2 sizes
    • 9" stakes – 16 gauge steel with 1" square head
    • 10" stakes – 18 gauge steel with 5/8" square head
  • Choose from a 10 pack or a bucket of 250

Wire Brick Edging

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Paver restraint creates sweeping bends and curves with ease!

  • Install before or after the installation of pavers on a compacted aggregate base
  • Install with backfill or concrete reinforcing
  • Install under or outside of pavers
  • Extra-strong long lasting 7 gauge galvanized wire
  • Not affected by sunlight or temperature
  • Includes (24) 7-ft.-long sections for a total of 168 linear feet
  • Anchor the paver restraint edging in 12", 18" or 24" intervals
  • Secure the edging with our 9" Tough As Nails landscaping spikes (sold separately)
  • Environmental friendly

Tree Guying Strap

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Ideal for staking and guying young trees!

  • Soft polypropylene material
  • Economical alternative to traditional wire and hose methods of staking trees
  • Olive drab green color blends with the environment
  • Strong yet flexible – 1000# tensile strength will hold young trees securely in place without damaging the bark until roots take hold