CNC Wire Bending & Forming

Wire Bending & Forming

Better Bilt Products provides custom-made wire products and fabrication for a variety of industries. Wire forming is a bending process where a carrier of gauged wire is bent or shaped into a specific configuration. The wire can be bent, straight cut, cut with angles, wound, and shaped based on your project specifications.

What are Wire Forms?

Wire forms are wires that have been bent into specific shapes and turning it into a specified shape usually for a product or design. They can take nearly any form, often with custom ends, and can range in size depending on the project specifications.

Process for Wire Forming

Wire forming is a process of taking a metal wire from a spool, or from a cut length and turning it into a specified shape or design including flattening wire roundness to allow for a proper fit into a design. This can be done manually around shapes or with machines, such as a CNC machine, to form wire into shape.

Wire forms can be bent, cut, cut with angles, wound right or left, shaped with closed coils, or anything else that is required to meet your project specifications.

What are Custom Wire Forms Used For?

Better Bilt Products can make custom wire forms are used to make products such as hooks, shields, wire grids, wire fencing, wire baskets, clips, shelving, display stands, wine stands, and more.

What Equipment is used for Wire Forming?

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Formers
  • CNC Formers: 2D and 3D
  • CNC Automatic Ring Formers up to 60" diameter

Wire Forming Capabilities

The BBP team can handle your large-volume production runs from start to finish. Some common applications of wire forming products include:

  • Frames
  • Fan Guards
  • Hangers 
  • Concrete Rings 
  • Motor Mounts 

Engineering and Design Services

BBP has an in-house design team providing expertise in functionality, safety, and innovation for your product development.

Our Engineering & Design Services

  • Full CAD Capabilities
  • Full-Service Machine Shop (Fixturing / In-house Tooling)
  • Product Design and Re-design
  • Prototype Development