Can Cane

Can Canes stabilize a potted plant.

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Can Cane

Container / B & B material stabilizer

Available in 2 lengths: 21" and 30 " long

No Wind tip-over: prevents inventory damage, saves labor $$

Effective long lasting .312" (5/16") (8mm) galvanized wire

Can Cane is a simple solution to stabilze containers and B & B material.  Decidewhere to put your plant, secure with a recommended amount of 3 can canes around your container or material.  The Can Cane allows easy removal of the container by just twisting the 4" securing handle away from the container, no need to completely pull out of the ground.  

Can Cane dimensions

Can Canes stabilize a bagged root system.



 Can Cane holds a pot securely in placeCan Cane swivels in place to easily move or remove the pots it holds