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Our unique TopHat® nursery container stabilization baskets incorporate self-adjusting wire fingers that securely center and grip the container. These wire fingers transfer weight outward to the extended base ring. Our TopHat® stabilizer baskets afford containerized plants a wide and stable platform and resist horizontal strains during windstorms and blowing rain. A full range of sizes is available accommodating classic and similar sized nursery containers.

These container stabilization baskets will help prevent damage to trees and promote proper plant growth. They are easy to use and once you are done, they can be stacked and stored and then later re-used. 

What are the benefits of wire plant stabilizer baskets? 

  • Solves daily wind tip over headaches which:
    • Saves money on labor
    • Prevents plant/tree damage
    • Improves displays
  • Allows for easy inventory control
  • Able to overlap the outer ring to save space, add strength
  • 7 standard sizes – 3 gallon up to 25 gallon containers
    • Custom sizing available
  • Sturdy wire fingers hold containers in snug fit
  • Long lasting galvanized wire: 10 years + outdoors
  • Stacks easily for off-season storage
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Call 800-544-4550 for a custom size quotation or quantity pricing.

View this sizing diagram to get a better idea of which TopHat® size is best for you. Or you can order a sample pack to ensure you are getting the proper fit for your containers.

TopHat® container stabilizers are being used successfully throughout the country in nursery growing operations and many independent retail nurseries/garden centers. Read about container stabilization systems from a excerpt of the University of Wisconsin tip sheet article.

Check out our TopHat™ videos below:

Better Bilt Products TopHat® at Pipes Plant Farm in Keller, Texas
TopHat® Container Stabilizers at Imperial Nurseries
Decker's Nursery, Inc.'s TopHat® Stabilizers in High Wind

TopHat™ Testimonials: 

"Better Bilt's TopHat® Containerized Plant Stabilizers are working great on a variety of our nursery stock throughout our yard...We've already seen a savings. We are very pleased with the value, service and savings that the TopHat® stabilizers provide us here at Shemin Nursery."   Brody Pepper, GM, Shemin Nurseries, Addison, IL
"TopHat® have proven a valuable asset in the ongoing war with the wind. For our trees, shrubs, and tropical, the problem of blow over has been greatly curtailed."   Jeff Gatewood, Allisonville Nursery, Fisher, IN
"Thank you for supplying us with the TopHat® for our container trees! Using them has improved safety for both customers and employees. They have also improved the health of our trees by eliminating broken branches and keeping fertilizer in the pots, two big concerns when trees blow over. Using less fertilizer saves money as well. Furthermore, we can make sure our trees are getting the proper irrigation when our automated systems run by using TopHats® to keep them upright!"  Chris DuPerow, Nursery Manager, Petitti Garden Center, Avon, OH
"Since we started using TopHat® Container Stabilizers, we have saved labor due to wind tip over problems. It was a big project to pick up the plants. No more broken branches on high value trees and shrubs."  Calvin Bordine, President, Bordine's, Grand Blanc, MI

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