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Both the Original Compost Bin and the Classic 3-Section Compost Bin are strong, easy and attractive. They are made from heavy duty wire mesh and save time as well as money for the home gardener. Make your own organic fertilizer and water retaining humus.

This bin is large enough for a full season of grass clippings for an average lawn, gradually converting it into valuable compost for your flowers, vegetable garden or landscaping plants.

  • Steel spikes hold securely on flat or hilly ground, resist wind damage
  • Hinge-pin design assembles in less than 5 minutes
  • 25 cu. ft. capacity holds a year's worth of grass clippings for average yard
  • The open mesh design is easily expanded for larger yards
  • Requires no maintenance or aeration
  • Nature does the work – changes yard waste into soil enriching humus
  • Door opens for access to free new top soil
  • Rust resistant vinyl coating over heavy-duty recycled steel
  • Looks great; blends into environment 

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Our 3-Section Compost Bin was recently hightlighted on Wisconsin Garden. Check it out!