Heavy Duty Wire Trellis Systems

heavy duty trellis system

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Be jealous of my trellis!

  • Just Link, Plant and Grow! 
  • Sets up in minutes!  No tools or hardware required!
  • Allows for more sun and air movement and increased photosynthesis.
  • Improves positioning to optimize growing conditions and yields.
  • Unlimited interchangeable configurations.
  • Simple side-hook design allows you to create any size garden – from an urban vertical garden to expansive garden space.  Our modular system is only limited to your imagination.
  • Heavy duty galvanized wire supports your plants for many years of use.
  • Allows for optimal use of space.
  • Adaptable to your needs.
  • Disassemble flat for off-season storage and transportation.
  • Choose from 2 sizes of grid openings (6” and 12”) to ease your harvesting.
  • Use with all climbing plants/flowers and vegetables – clematis, hibiscus, roses, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, tomatoes, peas, pole beans, etc.

Our versatile Vine Spine® trellis comes in two different size grid openings which can be used as a singular trellis or linked together to form walls, hedges, designs, cages of all configurations. Feel free to mix and match the 2 different panels. No need to sheer off from large bulky mesh panels anymore...just link, plant, and grow!

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The VineSpine® has been highlighted on Wisconsin Garden. Check out the video below:

Vine Spine: Be Jealous of my Trellis!
Vine Spine: Tomato & Cucumber
Vine Spine as a Tomato Cage
Vine Spine: Vertical Gardening
Vine Spine: Hedge
Vine Spine: Vertical Gardening
Vine Spine: Early Spring Greenhouse
Vine Spine Dimensions
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